Savannah Folk Music Society exists to promote the enjoyment, preservation and evolution of the living art of folk music and dance. 

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Live in-person First Friday concert  February 4, 2022

To keep our community safe: Spaced-out seating; Masks are required due to Chatham’s Covid-19 transmission rates, Savannah mandates, and CDC guidance.

First Friday for Folk Music, Friday, February 4, 2022  7:30-9:30 pm. 

Wyatt Easterling and The Modern Day Drifters

Tonight’s performance features two sets by Wyatt Easterling and The Modern Day Drifters: A multi-platinum songwriter and producer, Wyatt Easterling is embracing the life of a troubadour and teaming up with Thomas Anderson and Mike Rosado to bring his music and stories directly to his audience. The art of folk is the story of the song and in telling his own stories, Wyatt tells the stories of us all.  With his smooth vocals and gritty lyrics, punctuated by intricate guitar work, Wyatt knows his way around a song and how to deliver it. Alcohol free, non-smoking, friendly listening venue, secular event.

We encourage you to Join or Renew membership! Your Savannah Folk Music Society has been paying our First Friday performers (performing on FaceBook) for over a year with only occasional donations (we THANK you! You know who you are.). So now, PEASE RENEW if you haven’t already done so.

Contra Dances, Saturdays, 2021.  Still CANCELED, unfortunately.

Our socially close and aerobic contra dances must remain canceled due to continued efforts to defeat the spread of Covid-19.  We continue to invite  you to dance as if no one is watching.

Featured Performer

Aaron Paul Zimmer

Who We Are
We are a society of music makers, appreciative listeners, and dancers.
We provide year-round, affordable access to acoustic music and dance, benefiting the greater Savannah community.
We define “Folk Music” broadly,
ranging from blues to bluegrass, from world music to country, from traditional to contemporary, from front porches to modern stages.
It’s “Roots Music”: playful, relaxing, thought-provoking and down-to-earth.
Some tunes are centuries old, others written yesterday. It’s acoustic, and often fun to sing along with, or to dance to.