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  First Friday for Folk Music Concert December 1, 2023

First Presbyterian Church, Stewart Hall, 520 Washington Ave, Savannah, GA

Alcohol free, non-smoking, friendly listening venue, secular event.


Tonight’s performance features two sets by the local group Amigos!.

Rob Roberts, Sara Laidlaw, Dan Cooper and Miguel de Jesus. Come take a musical trip through the folk scene of the 60’s through the acoustical scene of the 70’s with Amigos!

Featured Performer  Jon Shain & FJ Ventre
Who We Are
We are a society of music makers, appreciative listeners, and dancers.
We provide year-round, affordable access to acoustic music and dance, benefiting the greater Savannah community.
We define “Folk Music” broadly,
ranging from blues to bluegrass, from world music to country, from traditional to contemporary, from front porches to modern stages.
It’s “Roots Music”: playful, relaxing, thought-provoking and down-to-earth.
Some tunes are centuries old, others written yesterday. It’s acoustic, and often fun to sing along with, or to dance to.