Savannah Folk Music Society exists to promote the enjoyment, preservation and evolution of the living art of folk music and dance. 

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First Friday for Folk Music, Friday, July 5 Bound & Determined plays their 40th reunion concert of eclectic bluegrass. Plus the broken arm has healed, and you can now enjoy the mother-daughter duo MaryAnn Pridgen (Song Bandits!) and Kailey Roberts.  MOVED TO CHURCH SANCTUARY so we can have working AC! Only ice cold water for sale; no food allowed in Sanctuary.

Contra Dance, Saturday, July 13. 7:30- 10:30pm.  Social and aerobic; Lively music and friendly folks keep us smiling. 2 left feet accepted! Come join us.

SAVE THE DATE!  Save Saturday night, October 19, for a very special dance opportunity! We’ll be dancing to the incredibly energizing, “electrified acoustic” music of Contra Force – a regionally acclaimed band based in Charleston.  All that fun in a downtown space with plenty of free parking. Spins and Grins, plus concert-level music.  

Who We Are
We are a society of music makers, appreciative listeners, and dancers.
We provide year-round, affordable access to acoustic music and dance, benefiting the greater Savannah community.
We define “Folk Music” broadly,
ranging from blues to bluegrass, from world music to country, from traditional to contemporary, from front porches to modern stages.
It’s “Roots Music”: playful, relaxing, thought-provoking and down-to-earth.
Some tunes are centuries old, others written yesterday. It’s acoustic, and often fun to sing along with, or to dance to.
Featured Performer