Savannah Folk Music Society exists to promote the enjoyment, preservation and evolution of the living art of folk music and dance. 

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GREAT NEWS!  Virtual Concerts Friday, July 3!

Concerts in the age of Covid can support performers and bring you live music!

First Friday for Folk Music, Friday, July 3, 2020. Two Concerts!  Henry D. Jones – at 7:30 PM. Henry Jones grew up in a home filled with music in Tupelo, Mississippi. His music is strongly influenced by the Delta Blues of that area. (Yes, Elvis was born there too.)  He will present his live concert via his Facebook page:  Henry will set this up as either a Post, Timeline, or Photo – so you’ll just navigate to the right place for the concert once on his FB page.  OR, once the event is live (sorry we can’t set that in advance) we will have a direct link posted at

First Friday for Folk Music, Friday, also July 3, 2020. Nina Ricci — at 8:30 PM. Nina’s voice has been likened to that of the young Joan Baez. July 20 is the release date for Nina’s new album, a tribute to Joan Baez and featuring over a dozen songs from Joan’s 1968 debut album. This 8:30 PM concert will be found on Nina’s Facebook page: will set this up as either a Post, Timeline, or Photo, so once on her FB page just navigate to the right place for the concert. Or, once the event is live, we will have a direct link on our SFMS FB page (sorry we can’t set this up in advance).

SFMS will pay these artists, as usual. Any donation you wish to make via the Donate button, top of this page, will be appreciated.

Contra Dances, Saturdays, 2020.  CANCELED 

Unfortunately, our socially close and aerobic contra dances must remain canceled due to continued efforts to defeat the spread of Covid-19.  But you can gyrate at will to the live concerts of Henry Jones and Nina Ricci! Dance as if no one is watching.

Featured Performer

Henry D. Jones, Virtual Concert, July 3. 7:30-8:15pm.

Who We Are
We are a society of music makers, appreciative listeners, and dancers.
We provide year-round, affordable access to acoustic music and dance, benefiting the greater Savannah community.
We define “Folk Music” broadly,
ranging from blues to bluegrass, from world music to country, from traditional to contemporary, from front porches to modern stages.
It’s “Roots Music”: playful, relaxing, thought-provoking and down-to-earth.
Some tunes are centuries old, others written yesterday. It’s acoustic, and often fun to sing along with, or to dance to.